Walter G. Diggles announces retirement from the DETCOG Board of Directors

On January 25, 1990 in San Augustine, Texas, the DETCOG Board of Directors selected me as the 5th Executive Director for the agency since its inception in 1968. 

On January 25, 2016, I am announcing my retirement from the Deep East Texas Council of Governments & Economic Development District after serving in this capacity for 26 years.  I know this is quite amazing and historic for my announcement to be made on the same date I was selected 26 years ago and also the same place of your board of directors meeting scheduled for January 28th in San Augustine, but fate has a unique way of reminding us of important milestones in our lives.

I am retiring at this particular time for two specific reasons.  First, I firmly believe it is important for the DETCOG Board Directors and Professional Staff to focus on its mission of improving the quality of life for the citizens of the region and not have to focus on any issue that threatens the regional unity and racial harmony that has existed within the COG under my leadership.  Secondly, I have been offered another opportunity to work in my field of expertise.

My sincere thanks to the DETCOG Presidents that I have had the privilege of serving with, the entire board of directors (both past and present) and the best professional staff you could ever ask for! 

I leave with a deep since of gratitude and humility for the opportunity to be a public servant in a region that I love.  Our collective successes for the Deep East Texas region over the past 26 years were quite remarkable and only made possible because of your Regional Unity and sense of knowing and showing the importance of working together!  I am most proud of how we were able to work together to promote racial harmony and diversity among our staff and the board of directors that has been the envy of other Regional Councils throughout the state and nation.  My retirement reflects my desire to avoid divisions within the board and region that could cause unintentional consequences reminiscent of the past.

I deeply regret leaving under the current circumstances, but I am very pleased to retire knowing that all our grants and contracts with our state and federal partners are in compliance and every single one of DETCOG annual independent audits doing my time at the helm have all received unqualified opinions, the highest rating given by auditors.  

In closing, I look forward with confidence in a few months to be able to repeat Paul Harvey’s last words during his legendary radio broadcast that goes like this, “and now you know…..”

Thank you for allowing me the honor of serving 26 years as Executive Director and 34 Years as an employee with the DETCOG family… an experience that I will always cherish.  May God continue to bless you all for your public service to Deep East Texas.   DETCOG staff, I will always keep you in my thoughts and prayers!  Thanks for your trust and loyalty. Love you guys!


Sincerely,  (little tearfully too!)


Walter G. Diggles, Sr.

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