WalMart awards grant to Center Intermediate School



Center Intermediate School (CIS) was the recipient of a $1,000 Community grant from the local Wal Mart. Center Intermediate School Assistant Principal James Beasley made the application in December 2019, and the grant award was announced by Principal Lee Ann Masterson in January 2020.


“Applicants for the grant apply at their local WalMart,” Mr. Beasley stated. “They have up to $5,000 they can donate to different community organizations, schools primarily. So, we applied for it and got $1,000.”


When asked how the grant money would be spent, Mr. Beasley replied, “We have the opportunity to buy things for the school. For example, we can buy bicycles at the end of the year [for an incentive program] for students who reach a certain DRA level in reading. And, we’re using some of that money now to purchase some items for the fifth grade science program.”


For the past few years, Center Intermediate School has doubled down on its efforts to improve students’ literacy - the ability to read and comprehend what they read. Mr. Beasley shared what is being done on the CIS campus to meet the goals in literacy:


“We have leveled reading groups four days a week - Monday through Thursday,” he said, 

”We have an emphasis on improving the reading level of each student, and I think that’s a great thing.


When discussing how improving the students’ literacy will help them in the future, Mr. Beasley offered this insight, “When they get out of school, they’re going to have jobs where they have to read a contract; and if they can’t read a contract, they won’t know what they’re signing. You may have the opportunity to read something publicly, maybe a Bible verse. Who knows what it might be, but they need to be able to read.


“Reading is important all through school, as it is needed in every subject. Word problems on STAAR test in math-students need to be able to read and understand what they are supposed to do. If they can’t read - one and comprehend - two, they’re not even going to know what the question is asking.”


Mr. Beasley shared that WalMart’s Community Grant Program rolls over in February, so CIS is going to appy for an additional $2,500 in February.