CHS Chaparrals Attend Dance Camp: Awards, Photos

The Chaparral dance line attended the ADTS Drill Team Camp June 3-5. An officer camp was held on June 6. Many girls received awards, and 14 dancers qualified to dance in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade this year by earning the All-American or All-American Honorable Mention. 


Miss High Kick, Bethany Kaluza, qualified to try-out for Miss High Kick Texas. 


The line is working on higher-level dance routines and they are looking forward to a great year!


Chaparral Camp 2019 Awards

ALL AMERICAN KICK COMPANY: Jocelyn Berry, Emilee Elliott, Stephanie Gonzalez, Bethany Kaluza, Caroline Scull, and Shamya Tibbs

ALL AMERICAN HONORABLE MENTION: Breanna Castillo, Emily Cervantes, Emilee Elliott, Cristina Hernandez, Kristen Orsak, Shamya Tibbs, and Amiyah Williams

MISS HIGH KICK: Bethany Kaluza

ALL AMERICAN: Jocelyn Berry, Cecily Gibson, Stephanie Gonzalez, Bethany Kaluza, Caroline Scull, Monica Sandiego, and Sarah Scull

GUSSIE NELL DAVIS DANCER OF THE WEEK: Cecily Gibson, Stephanie Gonzalez, and Monica Sandiego

SPIRIT OF ADTS: Breanna Bery, Sarah Scull, and Amiyah Williams

ALL AMERICAN DANCE COMPANY: Castillo Jocelyn, Cecily Gibson, Caroline Scull, and Stephanie Gonzalez

ADTS PIZAZZ: Mya Gonzalez, Jakievia Johnson, and Shamya Tibbs