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Center Roughriders of the week: Kindergarten

May 18, 2015 through May 22, 2015 FL Moffett Primary School
James Martin is in Mrs. Fentress’ Kindergarten class. He works hard to teach others good manners and has been a good role model. James tries hard and he wants to help others. His favorite movie is Big Hero 6. He cannot decide on a favorite book because there are so many he likes to read. James’ daddy is his role model because he works very hard. One day, he wants to become famous for making videos and movies. For fun, James enjoys playing outside and making things out of boxes. 
Natalie Peace is in Mrs. Covington’s Kindergarten class. Her favorite book to read is Hello Doctor. If she isn’t reading, she’ll be singing along with her favorite movie, Frozen. Mrs. Covington is Natalie’s role model, because she is so loving, kind, and teaches her so much! Natalie loves it! When she gets older she wants to be a great teacher who helps children learn. When she is at school, Natalie likes playing with her friends, but when she is at home, she enjoys her time playing with her brother and sister, cooking with her mother, and doing things with her family. Natalie is a great student who does her best. She is a good role model for others because she follows procedures and is helpful to her classmates. She has a precious smile, a good attitude, and she enjoys learning!

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