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Center Roughriders of the week: Elementary

Ava Flores is in Third Grade. The only movie she has ever wanted to watch is the Wizard of Oz. She loves how they always go on a big adventure and don’t let anything get in their way. Her Mom is her role model, because she is always helping her out with stuff like the cheer competition and gymnastics. Ava really wants to be a famous doctor and discover a cure for a disease. She really loves to turn flips just about anywhere! Ava’s teacher, Mrs. Corbell describes Ava as, “The very definition of R3, demonstrating respectfulness and responsibility both in and out of the classroom.” Anytime there is a student or an adult that needs help, Ava can always be counted on to step up and provide that help. Always personable and kind from the start of the day to the very end, Ava is a leader among leaders at CES!
Zykerius Barnes is in First Grade. His favorite movie is Teen Beach Movie, because he liked when they were surfing and landed on a beach, and then they saw people on bikes. His Dad is his role model, because he surprised him by coming to Zykerius’ birthday party at the Pizzeria and brought him some presents. Zykerius really wants to grow up to be a doctor so that he can help keep people from dying. He really loves to do flips on his trampoline at home. 
Zykerius’s teacher Mrs. Ruiz says, “Zykerius has been a joy to have in my classroom with a smile that brightens your day every day.” Zykerius displays good character from the time he gets to school till it is time to leave. He is always willing to help his teacher or other friends. He is a good friend to everyone and encourages all of his peers to do their best with everything. These are just a few of the reasons Zykerius is a super star at CES!

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