Each year the World War II Allies remember May 8th, 1945, the date when they accepted the unconditional surrender of Nazi Germany.  Adolf Hitler committed suicide during the Battle of Berlin so the surrender of Germany was authorized by his replacement, President of Germany Karl Donitz.

In the United Kingdom more than one million people celebrated in the streets and in the United States President Harry Truman who turned 61 that day dedicated the victory to the memory of his predecessor, Franklin D. Roosevelt.  President Roosevelt had died of a cerebral hemorrhage less than a month earlier.

Shelby County Memorial Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 8904 and the Auxiliary will hold an observance to commemorate the 73rd Anniversary of VE Day on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at the Veterans Memorial on the grounds of the Historic Shelby County Court House.  The remembrance will begin at 10 am with the laying of a Memorial Wreath in honor of those who served, those killed in action and those still missing in the European Theater during World War II.  Names of 66 Shelby County Veterans who died in Europe or are still missing will also be read.  The wreath will remain on display for the day.  As always the public is cordially invited to remember their fellow Americans.