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Briarcliff staff takes photos in full personal protection equipment (as the fight again COVID continues)

Carthage, TX…Briarcliff Skilled Nursing Center staff snapped photos in their personal protection equipment (“PPE”) and held up signs and cell phones to remind the public that real people are fighting this battle against the coronavirus. The pictures posted on Facebook today were met with a barrage of encouragement, page shares, and praying hand emojis. Briarcliff is most grateful to Panola County and the family members of our residents for their continued support.


Check out some of the comments below from Briarcliff’s employees and resident family members. You can see more at https://www.facebook.com/BriarcliffSkilledNF.


Shona Guenther, LVN and Director of Marketing at Briarcliff, who organized the #Briarcliffstrong campaign:

“We just wanted to show that all of us are here taking care of residents that we love so dearly. We are more than just our job titles! Our residents can't see us smiling and even have trouble hearing our words sometimes because of the masks, but we are still the same people taking care of them that we have been.”


“Outside this building, there are those that see us in a negative light because they don't understand who we truly are. I wanted to show a side of the staff that so many don't get the opportunity to see, and I wanted each & every member of the Briarcliff family to know that they matter! We hurt when our residents hurt. We are happy when they are happy. We love our residents like family because they become family to us.”


“But we are fighting this invisible enemy with everything we have! We are working diligently day after day to make sure that our residents are taken care of and safe. We do everything we can to bring a smile to their faces and try to keep their spirits up during this challenging time. It is hard for all of us, residents, staff, and our families, but we will overcome this! God is in control, and we are thankful for the blessing of each other!”


Sharon Tapp (family member): You are all our extended family. Thank you for your selfless sacrifice, your courage and compassion and commitment to stay the course and care for our loved ones when we can't be by their side. When I asked my mama, M. Hilton if good girls were taking care of her, she said yes, and they're pretty. I asked how do you know when they are all covered up? She said, "I see it in their eyes." God's love and light are shining through your eyes. May He bless and protect you in return.

Linda Hart (family member): I believe there are angels among us and I believe that there are some in Briarcliff! My precious little mama is there and I'm so thankful for each one of you! Prayers for the residents, each one of you and your families. God bless you!






Jimmie Van Norden: To all of the employees THANK YOU ? for putting your life in danger to take care of our senior citizens. You are loved and appreciated so very much may God bless you in a special way!


Kelly Nichole Reed-Hirsch: Thank you for caring for our loved ones.

Joyce Nayfa: Each one of you is a superhero! Prayers for you all, your families, and your residents and their families!