Re-elect Ann Blackwell as Shelby County Treasurer


I came into the Treasurer’s office in 2015 with a very strong background in governmental accounting of 20+ years.  And with that experience, I have created strong financial security for your tax dollars.  I have a proven record over that past 3 years of my ability to run the Treasurer’s office with integrity and financial transparency.  I have secured substantial cost savings to the county and tripled the income on return of financial investments.  I have spearheaded innovative technological projects to improve productivity within the courthouse and at additional savings as well.  I have maintained continuing education hours required for the job of County Treasurer and County Investment Officer.  I am diligent to keep up with new laws that would impose additional fees to be collected by the JPs to ensure they are properly reported.

I sincerely ask for your vote to allow me to continue the work I have begun in the Treasurer’s office for the next 4 years.  Please vote “Ann Blackwell” for Shelby County Treasurer on the Republican ballot.  Early voting runs February 20 thru March 2 (extended voting hours on Saturday and Sunday) at the County Clerk’s office on the Center square and election day for the Republican Primary is March 6.  Thank you!