Community Luncheon with speaker Representative Chris Paddie

Tuesday, December 1 2015 at The Windam Civic Center, Center Texas


The Center Noon Lions, the Center Rotary Club and the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce presented a Legislative update given by State Representative Chris Paddie and presented The 2015 Moosberg Awards during a Community Luncheon.


Attendees and guests enjoyed a lunch that was prepared by Darrell's BBQ.


State Representative Paddie took the podium and gave his update on this session's legislation and bills that were passed. He stated he was very proud of the 15 bills he sent, that were signed by the governor. Rep Paddie gave a brief review of the state finance issues that were dealt with, including diversions and tax cuts. Paddie acknowledged that the oil and gas market has had its' effect on our economy, but was still was optimistic that our state's economy seems to be diversified enough to be weathering the downturn. He stated that if he had to hit on an area where he thinks they should have done a better job, it would be education. With over 160 thousand new students, he said necessary funding is a challenge. Paddie said he worked hard this year trying to fix the problem about allocating tax money correctly. One example was the 911 program, and another was the gas tax which has been worked on. He stated that now we have 100 percent of the transportation tax going towards transportation. With that said, Paddie stated that the state needs additional funds for maintenance and expansion for transportation infrastructure. Paddie explained that he is not for additional taxes, but wants to have serious discussions about ways to fund these areas that have current shortfalls. He did say they came home this year, providing 3.8 million dollars in tax cuts, which includes increased homestead exemptions. Paddie also touched on the open carry and campus carry gun laws, that will allow law abiding citizens with concealed carry permits to exercise their right to open carry after January 1. The audience, though given an opportunity for questions, had none; they did thank him for a job well done. Rick Campbell thanked him for passing the bill for veterans service officers and Danny Paul Windam thanked him for rescinding the annual occupational fee (tax). Representative Chris Paddie closed by thanking us for placing our trust in him for the past two terms and said he hopes we will want him to continue representing us in Austin for two more years.


Mayor David Chadwick took over to present the 2015 Moosberg Awards by giving a brief history of our Shelby County farms. Mayor Chadwick continued by saying that in 1948, it had become apparent that our local farm income was diminishing in the face of west Texas cotton prices and south Texas tomatoes and watermelons. Shelby County benefited by having local visionaries; County Agent John Moosberg, Martin Middleton, Jack Motley and Martin and Malcom Weaver, who dedicated themselves to establishing a poultry industry in the area. To this day, Shelby County remains a leader in Texas poultry production. Mayor Chadwick explained that The Moosberg Award is given to the top growers in each complex. The Award recognizes the struggles of the past - the blood, sweat and tears, that have made the poultry industry in Shelby County a national leader and which continues to maintain its spot there even today, and identifies the continuous efforts and successes of Shelby County poultry growers. 


Mayor Chadwick and Representative Chris Paddie presented the

2015 Moosberg Awards as listed. 


Putman & Putman (Tyson-Carthage Complex) 

Accepting award was Keith Putman and Shonia Putman. They are second generation poultry growers and have been in the poultry business for 37 years. The farm is an 8 house farm with a capacity of 220,400.


Jerry Powell (Tyson-Center Complex)

Jerry and Nadine Powell have been raising chickens for 35 years and been Tyson team members for 45 years. The farm is a 3 house farm with a capacity of 48,400.


James Box Farm (Pilgrims Pride Complex)

Accepting award was Chris and Denise Box, son and daughter-in-law of James and Elaine Box. They have been in the poultry business since 1999. The farm is a 6 house farm with a capacity of 100,800. 


Mayor Chadwick thanked everyone for attending.