With winter weather forecasts that includes possible freezing precipitation in East Texas for coming days, the Lufkin District is preparing to pre-treat major roadways, overpasses and bridges.

The pre-treatment is scheduled to include all nine counties of the Lufkin District as the winter weather approaches. The brine treatment that will be applied to overpasses, major structures and bridges will discourage ice or snow from sticking to pavement in the case of winter precipitation. The treatment will be applied in each county and crews will continue to respond to snow or ice conditions as needs arise and roads allow.

The Lufkin District will continue to monitor the National Weather Service for updates and potential winter weather conditions for East Texas. Safety of the traveling public is priority and crews will continue to work to prepare and respond to weather conditions.

Motorists are urged to stay alert and follow these guidelines in the case of freezing precipitation:

  • Use caution when driving over bridges and overpasses, which are the first to freeze.  
  • Reduce speed and drive with caution. A vehicle needs at least three times more space to stop on a slick roadway. Do not apply brakes suddenly and avoid using cruise control to allow for better response time should you encounter slippery roads.
  • Slow down when approaching emergency or maintenance vehicles, especially when flashing lights are displayed. Visibility can be reduced during winter weather conditions.
  • Stay alert and prepare for travel delays.
  • Winterize vehicles.
  • Turn on low beam headlights when driving in rain, sleet or snow.
  • Check area weather conditions and drivetexas.org for current conditions and road closures.