Searching for contact information on young student's grandmother - please help if you can.

At East Texas Press, we take numerous calls every week from different people looking to complete genealogical research, asking for general information on the areas we cover, and a variety of other requests.  The following request was of special interest to our staff and we have taken an active role in helping facilitate this request.  We hope that, with your assistance, we may be able to help this young student locate their grandmother.  If you have any information that may be useful, please contact the Timpson Post Office at (936) 254-3180.


Dear Postmaster of Timpson Post Office 75975,

My name is Elaine Reilly.  I am a retired school teacher of 35 years.  I live in Southern Maryland, Calvert County.  Recently I was working with a group of children making Christmas cards for the special people in their lives.  I worked with a young girl, Madison, age 11.  We put together a card for her grandmother.  She had the address and I agreed to deliver everyone’s cards.  We tracked the envelope thinking it was going to end up in Timpson, Tx, where her grandmother lived.  It did not.  According to USPS tracking, the envelope ended up/forwarded to Crossett, Arkansas, 71535.  Madison has since lost her grandmother’s information.  We are trying to track grandmother down.  From what I can remember, her grandmother’s name was Harriett McCauley.  I am not sure if this is correct.  Madison had filled out the address on the envelope.  I have enclosed what information I have.  I am hoping that somehow the enclosed envelope I included can be forwarded to her grandmother and that they can contact us.  I also included tracking information to date.  My post office suggested I write to you concerning this matter.  Thank you for any information you can provide and hopefully the forwarding of my inclosed envelope.

Sincerely, Elaine Reilly