Robin Connell named Cowgirl of the Year

Robin Connell has a long history of making her communities better. She has served as a member and President of the Timpson ISD School Board of Trustees. She is a former member and President of the Shelby County Children’s Advocacy Center. Robin serves on the Shelby County Appraisal Board. She is also a member of a fairly new group called “Fifty Women” which meets four times a year to donate money to a worthy charitable and/or educational group. Robin stated, “I have been involved in many civic activities over the years, but I’ve slowly cut back on those to be able to travel more.”


Robin has been named Timpson Chamber of Commerce Citizen of the Year. She served as the Timpson Frontier Days Parade Marshall a couple of years ago.


Not a native of Timpson, Robin was born in Shreveport, La. To E.H. “Bink” Gibson and Barbara Brossette Gibson. She grew up in Logansport on a dairy farm, and her first job at age six was watering worms in the fishing worm farm that her parents ran, in addition to the dairy. She graduated from Central High School in Grand Cane, La. In 1978. Robin then attended Panola Junior College.


While Robin was attending college, her sister and husband moved to Timpson and discovered that there were no convenience stores in Timpson. So, Robin quit college to start the original Quick Stop. Although Quick Stop is a business, it has also been a real contribution and service to the community.


Robin is married to Duncan Connell from Garrison. She related, “Our kids had known each other since they were little, but we didn’t know each other [until later].” Mr. Connell worked for AT&T and began working in the Timpson switching office in 2004.


Robin Connell has two children – a son and a daughter. Kyle Allen is married to Tisha Dillon, and they have four children. Kyle and Tisha live in Timpson where Kyle serves on the Timpson City Council as Mayor Pro Tem. Robin’s daughter, Amy Allen, lives in Burton, Texas. Duncan Connell has one son – Devan Connell – who is married to Katie Bell. They have one son and live in Omaha, Nebraska.


Besides her store and civic duties, Robin still finds the time and energy for other activities. As stated above, Robin loves to travel and see new places. She also likes to sew, garden, snow ski, and read. She related, “We love to entertain friends and family at our home and barn. Duncan and I also enjoy fishing.”