Ombudsman - a Critical Part of Nursing Home Care

Are you concerned about the needs of older people?

Are you concerned about the needs of older people? Do you like to follow 
problems through to resolution? An ombudsman is a member of a group of 
volunteer patient advocates who work with nursing home residents. For many 
residents, all they need is someone to talk to. You could be that someone.


Ombudsmen work with 41 nursing and 18 assisted living facilities throughout 
the Deep East Texas Region. Each volunteer is paired with a facility and visits that 
facility two hours every week. Training to become a volunteer ombudsmen is 
provided free of charge by the Area Agency on Aging. Volunteers are mentored on 
how to speak with residents and handle complaints working at their own pace.


Any issues that cannot be resolved at the local level go to state level. Those 
circumstances are rare. Ombudsmen in the Deep East Texas Region resolved 97 
percent of complaints received last year. The job of an ombudsman is to make sure 
the quality of care received is up to standard. Every resident needs someone who is 
on their side, someone who will listen to them and understand their concerns.


Learn to advocate for people living in nursing homes and assisted living 
facilities. If you need assistance in solving a problem in a nursing home, contact 
Tonya Jackson, Managing Local Ombudsman at 1-800-256-6848 extension 5326 or 
409/384-5704 ext. 5326, or Charity Kiser, Local Staff Ombudsman at extension 5355. Both are with the Deep East Texas Area Agency on Aging.