Message from Mike & Nita at Rio Theatre in Center

As most of you know by now, beginning tomorrow night at midnight we will no longer be allowed to open. We will be open Friday March 20th only for Bloodshot.  After that we will be closed until further notice from our government as to when it is safe to open back up again. We are sad to have to close but we are concerned as is everyone else about the spread of Covid 19. We are praying for the safety of the citizens of our county and the United States as we all try to navigate this uncharted territory together. With everyone pulling together, maybe this will be a short lived problem and we can all get back to a safe routine again in the near future.  We will also keep everyone informed on our facebook page, RioMovieTheatre, as soon as anything changes. Thank you to everyone that has supported us as we try to make a decision as to the future days ahead.

Mike & Nita