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East Texas Press Transitions to 100% Digital Publications

eEdition: Increased Circulation through Digital Delivery

Beginning Thursday, June 6, 2019, the weekly newspaper will be delivered electronically via email and will no longer be a printed publication that is mailed to subscribers. For the past five years, East Texas Press has worked with print subscribers to transition readers to the multiple digital platforms that were added in January 2015. As of today, over 80% of all print subscribers are also accessing the news on our website, eEdition, and mobile app. We are now also able to provide annual subscriptions at a much lower price to our subscribers. 


The eEdition gives readers the ability to enjoy the current edition, archives and special sections - all from one convenient location. Advertisers see the benefits of e-Edition, too. Their ads are now viewable on computers and mobile devices, and readers can click on the ads to be directed to the advertisers’ websites. With happier subscribers and happier advertisers, we have seen an increase in customer satisfaction and loyalty, higher circulation and bigger advertising revenue.


Our print publication has been turned into a digital replica that subscribers can read on-the-go from any computer or mobile device. Readers are delivered a copy of the newspaper the day it’s published, right to their email inbox. With its flip-book page turning format, zoom-in functionality and search capabilities, e-Edition offers the latest in digital newspaper technology while continuing to provide a classic newspaper reading experience.


East Texas Press offers readers a robust website, www.easttexaspress.com, where daily news can be accessed as events are updated in real-time. An eEdition is emailed to subscribers each week when the new edition is completed. eSubscribers are able to have the newspaper as early as Tuesday evenings or Wednesday mornings, as opposed to being at the mercy of the USPS to deliver the print copies in the mail. A free mobile app is available in iTunes for Apple users and in Google Play Store for Android users. 


Maintaining a print publication is an extremely high expense for community newspapers. Over the last 10 years, many newspapers have gone out of business altogether. East Texas Press has not only stayed in business, but also has had significant growth over the last five years. Texas Press Association has noticed and recognized our success by inviting owner, Chad Pate, to lead a group roundtable conversation, sharing strategies with other publishers from across the state. In order to continue our growth as the number-one source for community news in the deep East Texas area, a tough decision had to be made regarding maintaining a printed newspaper. It is no longer economically feasible for East Texas Press to provide a print copy. 


There are several thousand visits to our website daily. There are more than 2,800 subscribers that are accessing the weekly newspaper via the eEdition only.  Many subscribers have requested that we no longer send print copies since they are accessing the paper on their tablets, cellphones, or computers. We will be removing our news racks from all locations. If you currently get the newspaper from one of these vending machines, we invite you to access news daily on our free website and to consider having the weekly newspaper emailed to you with the eEdition. The eEdition is the exact copy of the printed newspaper but in a digital flip-book style format. Not only is the current edition available electronically, but an archive of all newspapers dating back to 2015 is accessible. 


This publication has been in business since 1885 under many names such as Timpson Times, Timpson & Tenaha News, Our Town Times, and most recently, East Texas Press. In order to continue being the source for local community news, printing of the newspaper must cease. We contribute our success to being a publication that only has hyper-local content and that has found ways to embrace technology and social media instead of letting those advances choke out our publication as they have so many newspapers across the country. 


We are pleased that the majority of our subscribers have already made the transition; however, there are still the 19% that have yet to make the digital move.  We value each and every subscriber and could not be where we are today without each one. With that in mind, we are prepared to make every effort to help transition our remaining print subscribers.


We invite you to bring your electronic devices by our office at 191 Bremond Street in Timpson on any Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday between 9am and 5pm. We will sit with you and show you how truly easy it is to have the newspaper at your fingerprints on our digital platforms. You can also call us at (936) 254-3618 so that we can walk you through the steps over the phone. Or, send an email to news@easttexaspress.com. Once we confirm that you do have a current print subscription, we will set you up with the eEdition. In the near future, we will have a community-wide event where we serve dinner and invite print subscribers to come and eat with us, allowing us the time to have one-on-one education of our eEdition, website, and mobile app. For those that are not able to leave their homes, we are willing to come to you anywhere in Shelby County and help you make the transition. It is our goal that not one print subscriber is left behind in this transition. 


We are committed to do what it takes to help each and every subscriber that has not yet transitioned. Change can be difficult. When weighing the differences between bringing this change to our subscribers vs. no longer having a local news publication at all, this change wins. Our subscribers have been loyal and dedicated to having East Texas Press in the community. We thank you for that and ask for your continued support and patience as we make this final transition.  There is no doubt that this is a positive move with many benefits for our subscribers, sponsors, contributors, and advertisers. There is so much more we can do for everyone with our digital platforms. If you are one of our subscribers that have yet to transition, we ask that you give it a chance. Allow us the opportunity to show you these options. We are confident that you will see the benefits.



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