An East Texas Honey Hole

Lake Pinkston once held the state record for largemouth a few months with Earl Crawford's lunker that weighed 16.90 pounds in 1986. The Crawford bass currently holds the number 7th spot in the top ten biggest bass ever caught in the great state of Texas.

November of that same year Mark Stevenson's giant  Florida strain largemouth beat out the Crawford bass with a weight of 17.67 taken from the waters of Lake Fork. Ethel, as she became known, was the new state record largemouth and the first entry into the TPWD Sharelunker program. Mark Stevenson's name became known throughout the world of bass fishing due to all the publicity given him through entering his lunker, Ethel, into the then new Sharelunker program. Mark's lunker still holds the number two spot of the biggest largemouth having been taken from Texas waters to date and it's also the largest bass caught on a artificial lure. Lake Fork had been turning heads but now every bass fishing finactic was planning a trip there or dreamed of going.

Ethel lived a long life on display in an aquarium at Bass Pro Shops in Springfield MO. Since the first entry into the Sharelunker program 576 lunkers 13 lbs or larger have been entered to date.

To those of us that fell in love with the 523 acre lake in Shelby County that briefly held the top spot we were well pleased the attention was drawn away from Pinkston. Shortly after the Crawford bass had been caught and the news spread, the fishing pressure drastically increased. Bank beaters, wade fishermen, fishing tubes, spider cats, aluminum and fiberglass boats abounded. The size limit also changed from a 12 inch minimum length limit to 14 inches and trotlines were banned. The main lake area was open to water skiing and this was stopped as well. Since that time Pinkston has become a slot length limit impoundment. Bass 14" or less may be retained and or one bass 21" or longer. Five bass a day under the above size restrictions  is the current daily bag limit.

Pinkston is well known to locals and produces a lot of double digit bass to date. It's thick flooded timber still servers as good cover along with hydrilla. It also produces some excellent crappie fishing. The schooling action on her waters can be incredible as well as finessing soft plastics or jigs. In certain circles lips are silent as to not reveal Pinkston's abundance of big largemouth.

Today if you talk about Lake Pinkston to anyone but an East Texan they wouldn't know what you're talking about more than likely.