A message from our neighbors at MarkWest

MarkWest transports natural gas throughout Texas. Public awareness and education is of primary importance for MarkWest to ensure the safety of residents who live and work near pipeline right-of-ways.


Identifying & Protecting Pipelines

Markers are located along the MarkWest pipeline right-of-way to identify the approximate location of pipelines. The right-of-way protects the public and the pipeline. Anyone who plans to begin excavation, trenching or building activities near the right-of-way is required to contact the emergency one call number 811.


Recognizing & Reporting Pipeline Emergencies

Pipeline emergencies would include gas escaping from the pipeline, fire or any construction or excavation near the pipeline right-of-way  without  notification  to  MarkWest  and  811.  All pipeline emergencies are to be reported to local emergency officials, 911 and to MarkWest, 1- 800-852-9225. In the event of an emergency you should immediately leave the area and avoid possible ignition sources.


MarkWest needs the continuing assistance of the general public to ensure the safe operation of our pipelines.

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