Shelby County 4-H Shooters

The Comal County Claybusters held their annual shoot at the National Shooting complex in San Antonio July 15 and 16.  This shoot is commonly called the state warmup shoot because it is the weekend before the State 4-H games.  Representing Shelby County 4-H were shooters Dawson McFadden, Colton Gutermuth and Lance Holloway.  In the intermediate division, Lance Holloway placed third in super sporting and fourth in sporting clays. 

The following week the Texas 4-H shotgun games were held at the National shooting complex in San Antonio, July 18-22.  This year there were over 800 kids from across Texas that participated.  Shelby County 4-H had six kids attend.  In the Senior II division, Konner Windham placed first in trap Lewis Class 3.  In the Senior I division, Colton Gutermuth placed fourth in modified trap.  In the Intermediate division, Lance Holloway placed second in whizbang.                                   

Shelby County 4-H shooters had a great week.  Nic Lambert shot his personal best shooting 98/100 in skeet and trap but missed placing in the tough senior II division.  Konner Windham shot her first 25 straight in trap.  Colton Gutermuth shot his first 50 straight in trap.  Dawson McFadden shot his first 25 straight in both skeet and trap.  Lance Holloway shot his first 25 straight in modified trap.  Overall, the team had a great week in San Antonio.  We would like to say congratulations on a job well done representing Shelby County 4-H.                                   

If you have any questions or would like more information regarding 4-H, please give us a all at 936-598-7744.