Shelby County SO Arrest Records – July 25, 2017 – August 5, 2017

An arrest does not mean a conviction. All parties should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

Fleming, Cody, WM, 33, Shelbyville ,7/25, Arrest by David Haley, 2: Theft, Tamper w/ ID, $5,00 bond-JP1; $3,00 bond-JP1.

Munoz-Segura, WM, 35, Center, 7/26, Arrest by Lawrence, Assault CBI/FV, $$5,00 bond.

Cevuantes, Guadelupe, WM, 20, Center, 7/26, Arrest by Anderson, FTA/Fail to ID, No bond, 6 days-Time Served.

Moore, Jasmine Tyisha, BF, 40, Center, 7/26, Arrest by Matthews, Bench Warrant.

Moore, Jasmine, BF, 40, Center, 7/26, Arrest by K. Windham, Forgery, VOP: Theft/Prop., VOP: Forgery.

Witherspoon, Rongerald, BM, 18, Hot Springs, 7/16, 7/26, Anderson, Evading Arrest, Hot Springs: Criminal Attempt – Agg. Battery, Agg. Burglary res., Battery in 2nd Degree, Theft of Prop.

Moore, Martell, BF, 34, Shelbyville, 7/27, Arrest by Matthews, 60-day sentence, 14 days served.

Garrett, Donna, BF, 48, Shelbyville, 7/27, Arrest by Haley, Hindering apprehension, $7,500 bond.

Lackey, Leah, WF, 50, Huntington, 7/26, Arrest by Wright, Hindering Apprehension, Theft, Engaging in organized criminal activity, 3 Bonds - $5,000, $3,000, $5,000.

Hughes, Justin, WM, 30, Homeless, 7/27, Lawrence, FTA/OC: DWI w/ previous in Harris Co., $5,000 Pre-set bond, released to Harris Co.

Cartwright, Christopher, BM, 32, Shelbyville, 7/27, Arrest by Brown, Bond Revoke/OC: Tampering with Evidence, Bond Revoke/OX: Obstruction/Retaliation, Bond Revoke/OC: Obstruction or Retaliation.

Barnes, Ladericka, BM, 41, Center, 7/29, Arrest by Anderson, Panola Co. Charge - Child Support, Evade Arrest.

Hooper, Curtis, BM, 42, Center, 7/29, Arrest by Williams, Evade Arrest, $2,500.

Cooks, Joe, BM, 35, Tenaha, 7/31, Arrest by Knowlton, POCS, $15,000 bond, JP1.

Acosta-Arias, WM, 36, Center, 8/1, Arrest by Fears, Assault/FV, $3,500 bond.

Jackson, Robert Wayne Jr., WM, 36, 7/29, Center, Arrest by Wright, FTA/OC: Theft, DeSoto Parish, No Bond, Transferred to DeSoto Parish.

Bridges, Justin, WM, 34, Carthage, 8/1, Arrest by Wright, DWLI w/previous, $2,500 bond – JP1.

Smith, Sharday, BF, 24, Center, 8/1, Arrest by Anderson, TBC – Nac. Co., $2,500 pre-set bond, JP1.

Long, Randall Mcray, WM, 51, Gary, 8/2, Arrest by Lawrence, POCS, $15,000 bond; 8/2, 2nd Arrest by Lawrence, POCS w/Intent to Distribute, $45,000 bond.

Cooks, Joe, BM, 35, Tenaha, 8/2, Arrest by Anderson, POCS, $5,000 bond.

Tidwell, Terry, WM, 30, Timpson, 8/2, Arrest by Graham, Assault/FV.

Matthews, Diane, WF, 51, Timpson, 8/2, Arrest by Graham, Assault/FV.

Salas, Anthony, WM, 42, Shelbyville, 8/2, Arrest by Lawrence, POCS w/ Intent to Distribute, FTA/OC: Assault by Occlusion, FTA/OC: POCS; 3 decisions – 1st $500 PR Bond, 2nd dismissed, 3rd Four years deferred adjudication.

Jackson, Leonard, BM, 54, San Augustine, 8/2, Arrest by DPS Trooper S. Smith, DWI, $2,500 bond.

Jackson, Ricky, BM, 25, Shelbyville, 8/2, Arrest by Gonzales, 3 – Disorderly Conduct, PI, Resisting Arrest, 3 decisions: 1st $300 fine, laid out $100, 10 days to see JP2; 2nd $300 fine, 10 days to pay JP2, 3rd $3,500 bond.

Burr, Danny, WM, 39, Joaquin, 8/2, Arrest by Metcalf, Dwd – DeSoto Parish, Improper Lane Usage, Speeding 11-20 over speed limit, Transferred to DeSoto Parish.

Anzovino, John, WM, 37, Orange, 8/4, Arrest by Matthew, Evanding Arrest, Failure to ID.

Cooley, Joshua, WM, 24, Center, 8/5, Arrest by DPS Hill. Assault/FV, $5,000 bond.

Soto, Ruben, WM, 30, Tenaha, 8/5, Arrest by DPS Hill, DWI w/Open Container.