Shelby County Sheriff's Office goes online

New website launched
Shelby County Sheriff’s Office announces the release of their new website: In May,
Sheriff Blackwell began seeking approval to build the website in order to, not only provide transparency
for the public, but to also make possible a direct source for the community to access information
regarding arrests, incarcerated inmates at the county jail, registered sex offenders, press releases, news
and events.
In August, the sheriff’s office hired Lunabyte, a Shreveport company, to build the website that went live
Friday, October 7. Lunabyte has built a number of other websites for law enforcement departments,
including DeSoto Parish and agencies throughout Louisiana. By going online, the community may now
search for current inmates, find contact information for SCSO staff, place commissary orders for
inmates, deposit money to inmates’ accounts, find the latest press releases, and access information and
photos of registered sex offenders residing in Shelby county but outside of Center city limits.
Information on registered sex offenders residing within Center’s city limits can be found with the Center
Police Department or on the Texas Department of Public Safety’s website.
Leah Chase, the Media Information and Sex Offender Registration contact for SCSO, says, “It allows
people more access to us and what we do”. Chase shared that a top priority in the development of the
website was ease of use and a mobile-friendly platform so that the website could be conveniently
accessed and navigated. Chase oversees the website and that it is updated daily, seven days a week.
Sheriff Blackwell detailed a day in the life Dispatch Officers. Dispatch Officers have numerous
responsibilities, including constant communication and coordination of emergency services throughout
the county, answering 911 and general inquiry calls from the public, as well as assisting the walk-in
traffic at the sheriff’s office. Sheriff Blackwell says, “We hope that as the community learns that they
now have an online resource to gain information, it may begin to lighten the load of our Dispatchers. “
Visit the new website at