Shelby County Arrest Report - 06/19/2017 - 06/26/2017

An arrest does not mean a conviction. All parties should be considered innocent until proven guilty in a court of law.

06-19-2017 Boyd, Rapheal 43 Sikeston, MO Jones (DPS) P.O.M. (M-A)

06-19-2017 Rice, Jonathan 20 Tenaha Jones (DPS) D.W.I. (M-A)

06-19-2017 Mendoza, Jose Luis 26 Tenaha J. Samford P.I. (M-C)

06-20-2017 McClure, Dacallier 33 Tenaha Matthews (SCSO) Criminal Non-support (F-4)

06-20-2017 Gray, Cordierous 27 Joaquin Renfro (SCSO) Assault/Family Violence (M-A)

06-20-2017 Chisenhall, Eddie Jo 36 Center Metcalf (Timpson PD) P.O.M. (M-B), Unlawful possession of controlled substance (Meth)

06-21-2017 Robertson, Walter 39 Mansfield, LA King (C.P.D.) Illegal use of a weapon or dangerous instrument from motor vehicle (F)

06-21-2017 Moore, Kathleen 39 Timpson Davis (SCSO) FTA: Theft (M-B)

06-21-2017 McCoy, Steven 23 Joaquin Cheatwood Possession of stolen property, Felon in possession of firearm, Forgery

06-21-2017 Louviere, Teresa 44 Joaquin Cheatwood Possession of stolen property

06-21-2017 Bragg, Ida 19 Shelbyville Birdwell Criminal Mischief

06-22-2017 Ayres, Ralph 36 Center Anderson (CPD) Aggravated assault with a deadly weapon (F-1), Resisting arrest (M-B)

06-22-2017 Delacruz, Guillermo 27 Center Matthews (SCSO) Bench warrant - OC: Indecency with a child (F-2)

06-23-2017 Taylor, Akeem 32 Center Williams (C.P.D.) Forgery (F-4)

06-23-2017 Garcia, Mario 44 Center Davis (SCSO) Violation of probation - OC: Theft

06-23-2017 Tentori, Mattia 21 Richardson Jones (DPS) P.O.M. (M-B)

06-23-2017 Harper, Joshuha 39 Center Anderson (Center P.D.) DOCS (F-1), Resisting arrest/detention (M-A)

06-24-2017 Melton, David 46 Center Anderson (Center P.D.) DOCS (F-2)

06-24-2017 Coleman, Shakedric 22 Timpson Smith (D.P.S.) D.W.I. (M-B)

06-24-2017 Tarver, Christina 18 Center Lawrence (SCSO) Criminal mischief (M-B), Violation of probation - OC: Assault/family violence x 2

06-24-2017 Eaves, Annette 30 Center Lawrence (SCSO) Criminal trespass (M-B)

06-25-2017 Goodrum, Amanda 24 Garrison Lawrence (SCSO) Assault causing bodily injury/Family violence (M-A), Injury to a child (F-2)

06-25-2017 Etievant, Dylan 41 Timpson Graham (Timpson P.D.) Theft

06-26-2017 Greer, Robin 44 Center Windham Assault/Family violence (M-A)