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Greetings to all in the spirit of Christ Jesus. Several years ago I by chance met an Air Force Veteran while I was at the VA hospital, we talked a while about our tours I was asked what ship I served on I replied the USS America, an aircraft carrier. He replied that he had an interesting story to tell me about his experience while he was stationed on a base overseas. He said that he was an aircraft mechanic and after the repairs were completed they had to take the plane up for a test flight. He went on to say that they spotted an aircraft carrier and decided to land on it. So they approached the ship and landed then took off before any one could stop them. I listened intently to what this mans  amassing story. I could see the pride well up in his face as I hung on every word he said, he walked away with purpose in his life as he beamed with pride. Never once did I dispute his story, because everyone has a need to be important in life. Any one that has served on an aircraft carrier could tell you just why this story could not have taken place, but what can one accomplice by disputing a story such as this? Too many times we feel the need to punch holes in someone's story in order to make ourselves look smarter than the person telling a story. This story being unable to be true is one that brought a sense of pride much more valuable than myself being one that knows more than him. Many times in my life I have had someone tell me stories, some true some not, but what gain is there in proving someone to be wrong? But know this, when it comes to God's word we have a need to be correct. When someone tells me something about the word that is not true I will let them know what the word says, but I will not argue with them, I will leave them with the truth, it is up to them to believe or not. With the spirit of Christ we wish all the best Roger and Donna Harding.


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