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With a warm greeting I greet all in the name of Christ Jesus our hope for everlasting life. This past Sunday my wife and I had the privilege to attend a church that honored the season called Passover. We were reminded of the reason Passover was and is still very important to all believers in Christ to this day. The Jewish community celebrates Passover each year in remembrance of the freedom that God gave the Hebrew people IE God's people that were set free after the tenth plague where they put the blood of lambs on the window and door openings in order that the death angel would pass over the houses with the lambs blood present. After we took part in the Passover celebration we participated in the Holy Communion of Christ that we as Christians celebrate in the remembrance of Christ.  We as Christians must remember that all things from the beginning of time are part of the Christian heritage, times of old Gods people were freed from the slavery of the Egyptians, now we are freed from death, and given hope of life here after. I thank Woodland Christian Church for honoring God from the past to the future. Lets not forget the things of old, rather lets see the importance that the past should influence the way we worship today. In the tradition of Passover the Jewish people leave a place setting for the prophet Elijah along with a door left open for his return. They  have a saying, next year in Jerusalem. They look for Elijah’s return to Jerusalem, we as Christians now look for Jesus’ return, we do not leave a place open because we believe that Jesus is with us in spirit, but He will return as King of all soon. With love Roger and Donna Harding.

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