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    Veteran's Day

Veteran's Day


Today, 11-11-19 at about 11AM, soldiers from two generations met! My Dad, Joe Dillon, has the fondest memories of George and Louise Richardson…Vernett Richardson’s sweet parents! Mr. Richardson, Vernett’s father, also fought in World War II.  Daddy remembers the “younger” Richardson unloading shingles for him when Vernett was just a boy. Vernett doesn’t remember the specific event, but he says if his father was around, you could be sure that he put him to work! These two men may be from different generations and somewhat different backgrounds, but they have something very dear in common…both love this country and both were willing to do whatever was necessary to gain and maintain our precious freedom.  Timpson Independent School District students, faculty, and administrators went out of their way today to honor Veterans past, present, and future in a first-class ceremony! What a precious way to celebrate those who serve and what an extraordinary way to begin this Veteran’s Day!

Corporal Joe Dillon, age 95, served in the United States Army during World War II entering the war shortly before the Battle of the Bulge. He saw plenty of action in the Ardennes Forest and throughout the European front and has many memories…both happy and sad! Today, he was able to share just a few of those special memories with another soldier who served in a different place and a different time, but with “like” memories. Daddy was a member of the 740th Tank Battalion and has maintained contact with his comrades over the years.  They were celebrated for the final time at a Reunion in Bryan/College Station on Labor Day 2018. He is married to Hazel Dillon. His daughter, Rebecca Dillon, is also a veteran who served in the United States Air Force from 1974 to 1980.  She has recently moved to Timpson from Ft. Worth to be near her parents. Mr. Dillon has one son, Larry Dillon, of Fort Worth.

Chief Petty Officer Vernett Richardson served in and retired from the United States Navy. He joined in May 1985 and served our fine country for 24 years. He retired in June 2009, but as with all other soldiers, he continues to serve in his heart!  Chief Petty Officer Richardson served on active duty as a Military Intelligence Analyst and received his Surface Warfare designation while onboard the Guided Missile Destroyer, USS McCampbell (DDG-85). As well, he earned his Subsurface Warfare designation while riding onboard the Fast Attack Nuclear Submarine, USS Honolulu (SSN 718).  Retired Chief Petty Officer Richardson is a veteran of the Gulf War, Iraqi Freedom, Afghan War, and Global War on Terrorism. Currently he teaches Technology in the Timpson ISD Collegiate Center & STEM Academy. He is also employed as a Career Guidance Counselor with the Timpson ISD. Retired Chief Petty Officer Richardson is the son of the late George Richardson, Sr. (WWII Veteran) and the late Louise (Forney) Richardson.

The program today was heartwarming and it was so special to see young people who are being taught both the value and the cost of our liberty, independence, and freedom.  They’re schooled, as we all know, that freedom is not free and that many sacrifices were made long ago and are still being made today so that we can reside in the very best country in the world…the United States of America!  We, as Americans, enjoy such vast freedom because of men and women who hold dear the values of Corporal Joe Dillon, Chief Petty Officer Vernett Richardson, and men and women like them from all generations! I’ve always told y’all that my Daddy is my hero…well, today, I’ve added Vernett Richardson and several other veterans who were present to that category! God Bless America and our finest salute to all soldiers and their families!