Things to consider

Greetings to all with the hope that all have been or soon shall be washed in the blood of Christ Jesus. As I
pondered over the many aspects of our lives here on earth, considering the may-ham and all the other
ungodly things taking place in the world at this time in our lives, my phone rang. A recording came on
saying we have been trying to reach you about the warranty on your vehicle that is about to run out, this is
the final attempt to contact you about the warranty please press 1 to be connected to a representative or
press 3 to be put on our no-contact list. As many times before I pressed 1 and a person came on with their
spill. Wait, wait; I said the I went on to say is this my final or my final chance the voice went on, and
I said again wait, wait I want to know is this really my final chance, or will I receive a bunch more final
chances? He continued his script once again I interrupted and persisted I want to know just how many
more times will I have to press 3 and how many more last chances will I receive? The point is a man will
strive to intimidate you and me to pull us into their schemes and things. Man will tell us what we want to
hear if he thinks it will get him what he wants. On the other hand, God will tell us the truth no matter how
painful it may be. The price of sin is the death of our spirit, but that price has been paid. We have a way to
avoid the death of our spirit, and that way is by choosing to believe in Christ and that He is the son of God,
He took our place in death on the cross, and we can go to God in prayer to confess our sins to God in the
name of Jesus Christ, and He is just to forgive us as recorded in 1 John 9. If we confess our sins He is
faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from ALL UNRIGHTEOUSNESS. Every sin we
are guilty of can be forgiven if we choose to believe and trust in Jesus, confess that He is Christ the
only begotten son of God and He died for us. Remember this no matter how awful your greatest sin is that
sin is forgivable, and there is only one final chance that God gives. The final change I speak of is when
the final breath leaves our lungs, so I plead with all please don't delay, make that decision now while you

are able.