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    Republican Candidate For Shelby County Sheriff Joey Hudnall
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    Candidate Hudnall with former TNOA President David Ponce
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    Texas Narcotic Officers Association

Joey Hudnall appointed to TNOA Board of Directors


On Monday Oct.7,2019 the Texas Narcotics Officers Association (TNOA) Eastern Division appointed Republican Candidate for Shelby County Sheriff Joey Hudnall to the Board of Directors. TNOA was formed in 1970 and is a statewide organization dedicated to providing high quality training for law enforcement professionals along with other services. TNOA is divided into five Regional Chapters, Hudnall will proudly serve the Eastern Division. This is the first time a Shelby County Law Enforcement Officer has been appointed to the TNOA Board of Directors.

Candidate Hudnall has been a member of TNOA for several years and has attended several training conferences where he not only furthered his education but made several beneficial connections with other law enforcement agencies across Texas. “I am beyond honored to have been appointed to TNOA Board of Directors. I will be able to bring TNOA training, equipment, and much more to Shelby County. Training will be available to all local agencies and will not only keep officers up to date on narcotics training but also on officer safety as well. Training to help fight the war on drugs is important but the safety of officers is a top priority for me too,” said Candidate Hudnall. I asked Candidate Hudnall if this position will take him away from any of his responsibilities if elected sheriff, “Absolutely not. The TNOA board meets quarterly so none of my responsibilities to Shelby County will be put on the backburner. The citizens of Shelby County are my first priority and being on the board at TNOA will bring a ton of beneficial resources to our county.”

Congratulations Candidate Hudnall! Thank you for bringing positivity to Shelby County and for supporting our commUNITY. Remember to always love thy neighbor and to stand UNITED!