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    Beth's son Luke and daughter-in-law Kendall Brown
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    Beth with her daughter Chloe Brown
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    Beth Borders Brown

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Chatting with Center Health & Harmony Owner Beth Borders Brown


Beth Borders Brown owns Center Health & Harmony, the local health food store here in Center on Nacogdoches Street and has for the past 7 years. Beth said, “It has been such a blessing as I have always had a passion for natural health. It was a hobby since I was about 19 years old. It really is wonderful to love getting up and going to work every day. I am a native of Shelby County and I do enjoy living and working in a small town where I know most everyone and get to meet new and interesting people all of time at my health food store.  Rebecca Mott works alongside me at the store and we are a good team and both enjoy helping our customers. I also do bookkeeping for my father, Ronnie Borders, and I enjoy the variety of duties. I am a type A personality and love switching gears and I never get bored. In addition to those two jobs, I also sell life and health insurance. I have had an insurance license for 20 years.”

Beth was born in Shreveport, Louisiana, the oldest of three children. Her parents are Ronnie Borders and Mattie Borders. They were always in the chicken business, watermelon farming and tree planting and later on timber. Her brothers are Nowell Borders who is only one year younger and Darin Borders who is six years younger. Darin lives here and is involved in the oil and gas industry and Nowell lives in the Rio Grande Valley where he is a successful watermelon farmer. 

Beth, a graduate of Center High School, went on to attend Stephen F. Austin State University and graduated in 1991 with honors and a double major of journalism and political science, and secondary and elementary teaching certificates. Later on, in 2015 Beth along with her daughter, Chloe, completed extensive training to earn the designation of Certified Natural Health Professional.

Beth is enjoying life now in a different way from when her children were at home.  She said that was a fun and hectic time with all of the school events and activities. She is am now enjoying her grown children of whom she is so very proud. Beth’s son, Luke Brown, is married to Kendall, who owns an online boutique called Sweet Melon Boutique. Luke is a hard worker and very successful as a watermelon farmer in far West Texas. Her daughter, Chloe Brown, who just graduated from SFA is now living and working in Tyler doing marketing and event planning for The Grove. Beth said, “I am thankful that they are both very motivated, ambitious, successful, reliable, kind and hardworking people.” 

Beth credits her parents, Ronnie Borders and Mattie Borders, with instilling in her a desire to be healthy as they did not let them eat junk food or drink soft drinks growing up. She said they got treats and things but they were always mindful of healthy food and habits. Beth stated, “I don’t always eat the way I should but I think not having a lot of bad habits has helped me enjoy good health that I see others struggling with. My children are mindful of what they eat and do and while there is always room for improvement, especially when we all have a sweet tooth, being aware has its advantages.” She takes lots of supplements too!

She is an avid reader and always has been since she was a child. Beth said, “I remember reading all of the biographies in the library when I was a kid as well as Nancy Drew. I love to read about health, finance, novels, mysteries, thrillers and self- help books too. There is almost nothing I won’t read. There is never enough time to read all that I would like to. I probably read more health books and newsletters now than anything else. My parents always read too. I certainly enjoy a good Netflix series as well but have never binged watched anything because I prefer to read.”

On growing up in the 80’s, Beth told me, “I’m glad I was a teenager in the 80’s and didn’t have to worry about a cell phone or social media. It is tiring and I think our teens are not as happy as we were back then. There is just so much pressure on them. However, I do still remember my excitement when cordless phones were invented!  I am the oldest of 3 and the only girl so I am a little bossy but I loved growing up out in the Sand Hills and riding horses to Gunnel’s Cave and playing in creeks and driving around the chicken houses for fun. I did have to work in those same chicken houses though and that wasn’t much fun but I did learn the satisfaction of working and seeing the fruits of my labor. “

About her first job, she related, “My first job was working as a teller at Citizens Bank which was First National Bank back then. It was such a fun job. I remember running in the bank a lot like from the drive through to the front to get change and stuff because I didn’t want to make the customers wait.  I worked there on and off for years when I was attending SFA. I would work 30 hours a week and take 18 hours on Tuesday Thursday. I don’t remember being bothered about this. I just enjoyed it all so much even though I remember being very busy. I learned just as much from the ladies at the bank as I did in college. I still enjoy seeing these ladies today.”

Beth enjoys church and traveling and even just a day trip to The Woodlands or Tyler or Shreveport  where she can eat something different and shop of course but she said she certainly enjoys coming back to our little town where the traffic is fine and she gets to drive down her long secluded driveway of pine trees to peace and quiet.

Beth remarked, “I think we are blessed to live in a town like Center because we have all that we really need here and even have the charm of our beautiful old historic courthouse. I am excited about the renovation for the town square and hope our town will attract more visitors to enjoy our cute little shops and restaurants. We do need more places to eat and maybe someone will be brave enough to open something new.”

Some of Beth’s favorite things are driving around the square after she has washed her vehicle (meaning she drove it through the carwash) and looking at how clean it is in the windows on the square.  She also loves it when she gets that good parking spot at Brookshires right by the door.

Beth mentioned how excited she is about a group called the Shelby County Cancer Fund that is local organization to help our people with financial, emotional, and educational support. People can fill out a membership form at Center Health & Harmony and then they will be notified of meetings and events. With cancer so rampant in our county, we all need to be mindful of ways to prevent it and also raise money to help our own people here.  

Question 1: If you could be any nutritional supplement, what would it be and why? Now that is a hard question since I take a handful every morning and every evening. But the first one that popped into my mind is Curamed by Terry Naturally because it reduces inflammation in the body and there are studies on it for so many of our most serious health concerns. It works as well as or better in the studies than the prescription meds for those conditions without any bad side effects. As a matter of fact, the side benefits include helping with acid reflux and depression just to name a few so it is a win-win. I think the 5% Progesterone cream would be a tie with Curamed. 

Question 2: When you were a small child, what did you want to be when you grew up and why? I remember wanting to be a lawyer but always wanted to help people so I most likely would have been a poor lawyer! I would be representing people for free. I didn’t want to move to Houston for law school so I changed my mind.

Question 3: If, once a year, you could have a free pass on being unhealthy for the day, what would you eat, drink? What non healthy activities would you indulge in? Hmmm. I would definitely be eating Texas chocolate sheet cake and some lasagna and garlic bread! I would drink whole milk with the cake. I would lay on the couch and read a book all day and not even go for a walk. Wait! I do that sometimes anyway. I don’t ever drink anything too bad except for in the fall like now when I go get a pumpkin spice latte so I guess I would add whipped cream to it.

Question 4: Who had the most influence on you while you were growing up and how? Other than my parents and grandparents, I think I would say my uncle Gene Borders because he was also very interested in health matters.  He gave me a book to read when I was about 25 called “World Without Cancer” by G. Edward Griffin which was about the politics of cancer as well as alternative treatments and that really inspired me to research and learn more all of these years.