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Tamoya Gentry


Some articles are hard for me to write and I thought this one would be hard for me too. That was until Billy D and I attended Tamoya’s Memorial Service in Timpson. I hope this tribute will help heal her loved ones. I have never written a tribute, so I am praying I do Tamoya justice.

When we were on the way home from the Fall Fest at our church, I got a text letting me know that Tamoya had died. The name did not ring a bell to me, but I said a little prayer for her loved ones. When I got home, I hopped on to Facebook to post a few pictures. I saw a sweet post about Tamoya and clicked on it. Then I saw one beautiful post after the next. The Lord laid it on my heart to know more about someone so loved in our county. A few days ago, I asked folks to leave comments about her so I could know her better. When I asked for help in getting to know her, I was unaware that the thread would become a beautiful tribute that I will go back and read again from time to time. Not one single negative word was said but even more so, nothing fake was said. It was all real and heartfelt. The words came from her peers and loved ones. Her folks wrote about her and over 200 of her folks showed up at the Memorial Service last night. I have never been to a Memorial Service that had more laughter than tears. Don’t get me wrong. There were tears of pain, but the good Lord also gave all of us tears of joy. From hearing about an altered dress to her love of McDonalds French fries, I know more about a beautiful person that brightened this world during her time on Earth. She had a lot of Mommas and Daddys, family, and friends but one thing she did not have was enemies. Her heart was too pure to have an enemy. From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for y’alls help in helping me get to know Tamoya. I was not blessed to know her on this Earth but through the words of all who love her, I know that she called folks by their full name, employed herself at a barbershop, had a grandma line her own grandson out at B&Bs, and loved without end. I pray that I touch even half of the folks that Tamoya did. Remember to always love your neighbor, support our commUNITY, and be a Tamoya in this cold, harsh world.


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