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Shelby County SO Arrest Records – July 25, 2017 – August 5, 2017

Fleming, Cody, WM, 33, Shelbyville ,7/25, Arrest by David Haley, 2: Theft, Tamper w/ ID, $5,00 bond-JP1; $3,00 bond-JP1.

Munoz-Segura, WM, 35, Center, 7/26, Arrest by Lawrence, Assault CBI/FV, $$5,00 bond.

Cevuantes, Guadelupe, WM, 20, Center, 7/26, Arrest by Anderson, FTA/Fail to ID, No bond, 6 days-Time Served.

Moore, Jasmine Tyisha, BF, 40, Center, 7/26, Arrest by Matthews, Bench Warrant.

An informed explanation of McMahons' bond hearing

A recent story by the media stated in its title that “Shelby County couple accused of child abuse receive quick release following bond reduction.” At first reading, and without a full knowledge of the laws pertaining to bonds, it would appear that Randa and Matthew McMahon were getting off lightly for the horrendous charge of child abuse. But this is not the case.