Tigers Sink Sharks 82-0

    The Tenaha Tigers came within 3 points of breaking the school record for most points ever scored in a game as they completely dominated the Sabine Pass Sharks Friday night in Lumberton 82-0. The Tenaha record for the most points scored in a game was in 1975 when the Tigers beat Carlisle 84-0.
    Coach Horn came into the game a little concerned as CJ Horn had a slight ankle injury and he didn't know how that would affect the Tiger offense, but the injury didn't slow down Horn as he was 14-16 for 191 yards and 5 touchdowns in the first half. With the Tigers having a comfortable 45-0 lead at halftime Horn rested the second half.
    Sabine Pass received the opening kickoff and started from their 27 yard yard and on the first play Dominique Wilson went 19 yards for a Shark first down, but after that the Tiger defense held the Sharks to -37 yards rushing on the next 33 carries. For the night the Sharks had -18 yards rushing and 19 yards passing for a net of 1 yard on the night.
    After a Shark punt the Tigers took over on the 21 yard line and it only took the Tigers 4 plays to score as Horn hit Trai Gardner on a 39 yard touchdown pass and the Tigers led 7-0 with 7:43 in the first quarter. After a another Shark punt The Tigers took over on the 44 yard line and this time the Tigers scored in 3 plays as Jay Lloyd would take the Horn hand off and go 32 yards for the touchdown, the xpt was missed and the Tigers led 13-0 with 4:20 left in the 1st quarter. On the Sharks next possession the Tiger defense recovered a fumble on the Sharks 24 yard line from their the Tigers would only take 4 plays to score as LaDarrius Garrett would go in from the 16 yard line, the xpt was blocked and the Tigers led 19-0 with 1:21 left in the first quarter. ON the ensuring kickoff the Sharks fumbled the ball and the Tigers took over on the 19 yard line. On 4th and goal from the 4 yard line Horn found Gardner in the end zone for a touchdown and the Tigers led 25-0 with 11:04 left in the second quarter.
    On the Sharks next possession and facing 4th and 11 the Sharks punted the ball away and the Tigers took over on the 33 yard line and it took the Tigers 5 plays to score as Lloyd would go 51 yards for the Tiger touchdown and they led 32-0 with 7:34 in the second quarter. After another Tiger defensive stand they took over on the 28 yard line and in four plays the Tigers scored on a 9 yard pass from Horn to Thompson and the Tigers led 39-0. Jay Lloyd intercepted a Shark pass and the Tigers took over on the 13 yard line and form their Horn hit Garrett on a 13 yard touchdown pass and the Tigers went in at halftime leading 45-0.
    The Tigers received the second half kickoff and on the second play Lloyd would take the ball and go 47 yards for the touchdown and the Tigers led 52-0. After another Shark punt the Tigers would take over on the 41 yard line and on the first play Lloyd would hit pay dirt with a 59 yard run and the Tigers led 59-0 with 9:15 left in the 3rd quarter.The Tiger defense would the get into the scoring act as they sack the Shark quarterback in the endzone for a safety and the Tiger extended their lead to 61-0.
    Hayden Jenkins who came into quarterback in the second half would hit Cahl Horn on a 3 yard touchdown pass and the Tigers led 68-0. Jenkins would throw his second touchdown of the night as hit hit Trenton Hass on a 45 yard touchdown pass and the Tigers led 75-0. The Tigers final score would come on a 10 yard run by Lane to bring the final score to 82-0.
    As Coach Horn would say the next day we tried to get the Shark coach to have a running clock in the second half but he refused and I cant tell my Freshman just to lay down when they get a chance to play as they have practiced all year for a chance to get into a game.
    Talking to a few of the Tiger players after they game they said this is just one game and we have to win 5 more to reach our goal a State Championship.
    Jay Lloyd had his best game of the year as he carried the ball 3 times for 159 yards and 3 touchdowns and caught 4 passes for 60 yards and 2 touchdowns. 
    For the night the Tigers had 614 yards of offense as they where 26-29 for 311 yards through the air and rushed the ball 23 times for 303 yards.   
    The Tigers will now travel to Fairfield Friday night to take on Meridian who defeated Detroit 68-38. Game time is 7:30. The winner of the Tenaha game will play the winner of Ioha and Cumby game.