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Project updates for Lufkin District August 22-26


August 22, 2016

LUFKIN – Construction projects in the Lufkin District are ongoing as weather allows with plans for an upcoming weekend closure on BU 59 at the A&NR Railroad Bridge.

Plans include switching train traffic to the newly constructed bridge next week, weather permitting, and a road closure on Aug. 27-28 is scheduled in order to remove the temporary bridge. Paving the northbound lanes of BU 59/North Timberland Drive near the railroad bridge is also continuing.

The $11.4 million construction project includes increasing the width of the roadway, lowering the roadway for better clearance beneath the railroad underpass and constructing sidewalks, curb and gutter, a raised median between north and southbound lanes and constructing a new railroad bridge. Austin Bridge & Road Services is the contractor for the project.

“We are excited to see this construction project nearing completion in coming months,” said Rhonda Oaks, public information officer for the Lufkin District. “The removal of the bridge that was installed for temporary train traffic while the new bridge was under construction will require BU 59 to be closed next weekend, weather permitting. We want motorists to plan ahead for this closure. Detour options and signs will be in place. The work should be completed during the weekend and the roadway open during the work week.”

All work schedules are subject to change in inclement weather. For a complete listing of road closures and work statewide, visit drivetexas.org.

Other project updates and work scheduled for the coming week in the nine county Lufkin District include:


BU 69/Kurth Drive: Work will continue to replace and upgrade bridge railings. Northbound traffic is confined to a single lane in the construction area.

US 69: Crews continue to upgrade and replace driveway culverts with safety end treatments from SL 287 in Lufkin to just north of Huntington School.

FM 3439 (Spence Street): Mailbox installations are scheduled as the project to rehabilitate and widen the roadway from US 59 to SL 287/US69 nears completion.


US 59: Work continues from SL 224 to 1.3 miles south of the loop and from US 59 to SH 7 West on SL 224. Sidewalks and driveways are being constructed along with repairs and replacements of curb and gutter. Subcontractors are working on cross drainage structures and widening north and south of Spradley Street. Crews will continue to work to construct center medians.

FM 95: The newly constructed bridge at Dog Creek is open to traffic. At Parallel Creek, crews are working to construct the detour for replacement of the bridge.


US 190: Crews are scheduled to work on embankment in areas where passing lanes are being constructed from Onalaska to FM 2457.

US 190/FM 350: Crews continue to upgrade and safety end treat driveway culverts and metal beam guard fencing.

US 59: Crews continue to rehabilitate and resurface existing pavement in the southbound lanes from just south of Milton Creek to the BU 59 overpass.

FM 1988: Crews are scheduled to complete bridge approach slabs at Long King Creek Bridge.

Livingston State Park: Work to rehabilitate roads, campsite pullouts and parking lots at Piney Shores, Yaupon and Red Oak camping loops continues. Yaupon and Red Oak Camp loops are closed.

Hooks Road: Crews will continue working to replace the bridge and upgrade approaches at a tributary of Bear Creek.

Howell Road: Crews are scheduled to grade the approaches as construction of the new bridge at Pace Creek continues.

Upper Leggett Road: Workers will pour concrete slab and set approaches for the bridge replacement at Big Sandy Creek.

Jack Pate Road: Work will continue as concrete abutments are set to replace the bridge and approaches at Big Sandy Creek.


US 59: Roadway sweeping is scheduled along with pavement leveling and spot rehabilitation in various locations.

US 59/FM 2914 Overpass: Crews are scheduled to place reinforcing steel for additional concrete paving.

US 59: Crews will continue to place embankment on the southbound frontage road just south of the Union Pacific Railroad crossing in Shepherd to north of FM 2914.

US 59: Crews will address drainage issues in various locations.

US 59: Work will continue to upgrade metal beam guard railing from just south of FM 2914 to the Liberty County line.

SH 150: Crews will work to repair base failures and potholes in various locations.

SH 156: Contract crews will be cleaning, straightening and replacing delineators in various locations.

FM 946: Contract crews are scheduled to trim trees and remove dead limbs from the right-of-way and maintenance crews will repair potholes and base failures in various locations.

FM 1514: Repair base failures and potholes in various locations.

FM 3128: Repair base failures and potholes in various locations.


US 287/FM 132: Traffic will be confined to a single lane as crews continue to safety treat culverts and work to enhance driveways from 2.1 miles north of FM 2663 to just south of SL 304. Work to remove and replace driveway culverts on FM 132 will also continue.

SH 21: In Crockett, motorists continue to be detoured off main lanes as construction continues on base material and subgrade to widen the roadway from 2.3 miles east of FM 2967 to SH 7. In Austonio, work to remove the old road surface and reconstruct wider main lanes continues. Work on driveways and safety treating fixed objects will continue. A temporary traffic signal providing 24-hour traffic control for one-way traffic is in place at both locations.

SH 7: Crews will work to set cement in order to stabilize road base material for roadway reconstruction and additional passing lane and shoulders from east of FM 232 to Kennard.

Loop 304: Crews will continue to work on road base and sealing edges from SH 19 South to SH 7 and SH 21 West.

Loop 304: Crews are scheduled to work on road base and seal edges from US 287 North to SH 7 West.

FM 3151: Work is scheduled to begin reconstructing and widening the roadway, replacing driveway culverts and safety treating culvert ends.

FM 227: Work continues at Hickory Creek to remove and replace the bridge and approaches. Crews are scheduled to work on embankment near the bridge.

FM 2110: Crews will work to seal and level up roadway edges in various locations.

CR 3615 (Sims Road): Work will continue on bridge replacement as crews install bridge beams.


US 287/Groveton: Work is scheduled to continue removing old road surface and stabilize the subgrade on the west end of the city of Groveton.

FM 356: Crews will work to repair drainage issues in various locations.

FM 2781: Crews will work to repair drainage issues in various locations.


SH 87 South: Crews will be applying an overlay in the city of Shelbyville.

US 84: Crews continue to work on paving in Logansport, LA along with forming caps, columns and drilling shafts for the new westbound bridge. In Texas, crews will work on driveway culverts and subgrade to prepare the area for cement treatments.

SH 7: Emergency slope repairs will continue from  2.3 miles west of FM 711 to 1.5 miles west of FM 711 and 3.2 miles west of FM 711 to 2.6 miles west of FM 711. Crews will continue to build soil nail wall and work on minor excavation.

SH 7: Driveway culverts are being installed from 4.4 miles east of FM 2913 to US 96.

FM 415: Crews are working to replace the bridge at Bear Bayou. Right-of-way preparation continues as detour structures are set.

Various locations: Work is scheduled through the week to repair potholes, pick up debris, repair signs and install mailboxes.


US 96: Cut and remove shoulders from SH 21 to FM 3451 and repair base failures from FM 3451 to CR 120.

US 96: Traffic is detoured as workers extend cross drainage structures and work to rehabilitate the roadway from the Shelby County line to FM 3451.

SH 21: Crews will work to safety treat fixed objects from SH 147 to FM 1.

FM 1175: Crews will work to safety treat fixed objects from the end of pavement to FM 83.

FM 705: Crews will work to safety treat fixed objects from SH 147 to the end of pavement.


US 96: Crews will work to safety treat fixed objects from FM 83 to the Jasper County line.

FM 1: Work is continuing from SH 184 to SS 1 as crews mix existing base and prime coating.

FM 2866: Crews will work to level up roadway in various locations.

For more information, contact Rhonda.Oaks@txdot.gov or (936) 633-4395.






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