Approaching deer season accompanied by cooler weather causes more deer to be on the move. TxDOT wants to remind drivers of the dangers of deer on the roadways and how quickly they can run in front of a moving vehicle. Motorists are urged to be... more
  August 31st, 2010 marked the official end to US Combat Operations in Iraq.  The Veterans of Foreign Wars will insure the patriotism and sacrifices of this generation to include US Army Specialist Larry E. Polley, Jr. of Center, Texas who was... more
NACOGDOCHES, Texas — Just one year and a day after the traumatic car accident that resulted in the amputation of Marissa Rotenberry’s right arm, she recently walked the stage at Johnson Coliseum and received her diploma for a master’s in statistics... more
    Calling all Shelby County youth and parents!   Have you ever wanted to learn something new and different while having fun? Well we have it, from cooking, taking pictures, fashion, robotics, shooting sports, raising and showing livestock and much... more
New Teachers Are Welcomed to the Tenaha ISD Family Tenaha ISD takes pride in providing the best education possible to the students of Tenaha.  The excellent faculty and staff are crucial in achieving academic and extracurricular goals.  This year... more
VFW TEACHER OF THE YEAR 2018-19   Now that school is back in session it is time to start thinking about honoring a group of VFW heroes, the teachers.  Prime candidates for VFW Teacher of the Year are those who promote civic responsibility, flag... more